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FAKUMA-Exhibition Highlight: System for automated contact supply

For the automotive and electronics industries GeKu developed a specialized system for contact provisioning which can be used as part of the automated production of connectors and sensor housings. The system uses a bending tool with a servo motor driven punching system. The force input is approx. 30 kN, which can also be supplied as a larger version with higher forces and is adapted to the required tools. For each contact group, single contacts can be provided within a cycle time of approx. 4 seconds. The system uses a KUKA robot, whose parallel gripper is equipped with a spread stroke for the individual contacts.

The sequences within this automation system can be adapted to suit the customer and his requirements. This exemplary sequence shows the possible functions of the system, as well as the flexibility of contact provision in a complete automation system:

First a strip feeder pushes the contact strip three contacts into the bending tool for separation and adjustments. A camera is mounted in front of this tool to carry out an optical inspection of the contacts. The robot grips the three contacts on the outlet side of the tool, which are now separated and in the correct shape. The robot then moves with the contacts to the intermediate pick-up and inserts them there, while a new feed and punching process takes place simultaneously. The system has a total of six intermediate supports, each of which can orientate itself from 0° to 360°. The intermediate supports can perform all uniform and simultaneous fan movements, which are all servo-motor driven. The contact points can therefore rotate as desired and, depending on the opening of the fan, this is even possible while the vehicle is in motion. For customers, the system allows automation of the contact supply system by carrying out optical quality inspection, cutting and processing of the contacts. With the help of the intermediate images, the contacts can be presented in any position and direction, thus enabling automated further processing within a production line.

The system is also displayed on the GeKu company page within "FAKUMA Virtual". For more information, please visit the following link: https://www.fakuma-messe.de/nc/en/fakuma-virtual/showroom/exhibitor-virtual/60150-geku-automatisierungssysteme-gmbh/




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