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Good performance offers great opportunities for young employees

Marcel Meier is 20 years old and successfully completed his training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering last year. His motivation and ambition continue to drive him, so that he is now continuing his training as a state-certified technician at GeKu.

GeKu's managing director, Thorsten Gerling, was so impressed with Marcel's achievements that he wanted to give him the opportunity to work temporarily in another country and gain new experience.

Thanks to the network of numerous companies within the HAHN Group, a suitable position was found for Marcel in a branch of HAHN Automation in the USA. In 2019, he traveled to the United States for six weeks, where he was able to get to know the company, its colleagues and the Hebron site in the state of Kentucky.

It is particularly interesting that the size of HAHN Automation's location can be compared to that of GeKu, because around 80 employees work in both companies. Marcel's tasks in the US were similar to those in Germany. He wired control cabinets and machines or wired various assemblies. Nevertheless, there were differences in everyday life and in the way of working. For example, there are other units and standards in the USA, which necessitates an adjustment if you have to deal with circuit diagrams, circuit symbols, dimensions and information.

Marcel worked in an intercultural team of nine people, which naturally improved his English quickly. During his stay Marcel worked from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the company provided him with a car and an apartment. So he was independent in his free time and could get to know the country and the people better.

"I am pleased that the cooperation between GeKu and HAHN Automation in the USA has enabled me to have such a unique experience and exchange," says Marcel Meier about his stay. "The fact that I know my colleagues in the USA better and that I have learned more about the technical standards and details will help me to talk to customers on an equal footing about their orders and systems."

"The shortage of skilled workers affects us as well as other companies," commented Managing Director Thorsten Gerling about the offer for his young employee. “For this reason, it is all the more important for us to train, promote and develop our own talents. This is the only way we can keep the specialists we need in order to continue to run our company successfully. ”




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